I'm spending the holiday period in Melbourne. I'm house-sitting in Coburg, close to the new nephew. When planning my holiday (always one for a plan), I sought out pools in the area and was delighted to come across an Olympic pool in Coburg, a mere ten minutes' walk. Upon further investigation, however, I found that this pool was usually only open after 3pm (?!), and only on days when the forecast temperature was between 24c and 32c. On warmer days it would open earlier. And on holidays. It was all very confusing, and a bit disappointing. How do you manage staff? I don't understand. 

Anyway, today is hot. Really hot. Then I remembered! Coburg Olympic, here I come. 

I wandered down, passing Merri Creek, to find a relic of Australian summers. It was quite charming. Gum leaves and bark littered the pool floor. The water was cool enough that kids squealed and parents tentatively submerged. Kids climbed on the shoulders of their dads. It was so windy my towel and t-shirt blew away. There were only two lanes roped off, and both of them were empty, so for a good hour, I had a lane to myself.