We're one month out from Rotto, at the peak of our training. Last week I swam about 35km, including 14km at Manly. It was a bit of a slog. My shoulders hurt, and I didn't swim as fast as I'd like. But sometimes that happens. The forecast didn't look good (2.8m swell, jellyfish), but it turned out to be perfect conditions; a bit of chop to make it fun (and give the shoulders a workout, evidently), very few stingers, and a nice rolling swell. Paddy did a sterling job paddling.

Yesterday's squad was full on. 3.3km main set, mostly hundreds, descending from 1:35 to 1:25. Felt great to make it. I crashed by 8.30 last night and am grateful for the public holiday today.

This weekend we're scheduled to do 16km - our longest swim. It'll be a good chance to fine tune feeding and paddling. But I'm not too worried. 

All I'm thinking about is food and sleep. I'm pretty well stocked up on food that is healthy and easy to prepare, and I'm making 3 days' of breakfasts, lunches and snacks each Sunday to give me a good start to the week. Cottage cheese and mung beans are a fav, as is hummus, flatbread, fruit salad and yoghurt.