There's a pile of vital provisions on the floor of my study, ready to be packed: gels, drink powder, drink bottles, ropes, sunscreen, barrier cream, bulldog clips, rubber gloves, Listerine, permanent marker, leccie tape, drugs, camera, watch, battery packs. The lists have been written (oh the lists!), the crew have been briefed. We're ready for this. 

Last night I made a playlist of songs I can sing to myself during the swim. I'll write the first line of the song on a piece of tape on my drink bottle, so that I think of a different song every 30 minutes. Maybe I should ask Paddy to sing to me... It's non-stop hit after hit: Queen, Lady Gaga, Pink, Bon Jovi, Elton John. Ah, it's so bad, but so good. 

You can track my swim at Mapswim, swimmer number 235. My wave goes at 6.05am AWST on Saturday 25 February.