I've safely arrived in Arizona. I met Mum at Phoenix airport, picked up our enormous 4WD and managed to drive to our Airbnb on the correct side of the road. All the way. And we only had to take right turns, which made things a little easier. 

I spent last weekend sorting out my feeding plans for the swims, with expert guidance from Tara Diversi. The result: extraordinary spreadsheets, laminated plans for Patty (thanks RS), and a suitcase stuffed full of calories. All up, I'll consume 21,000 kj - just over 1kg of carbs. I fear for my love of Milo - this experience might exhaust it. 


You should be able to track my swims at the following page: Bit.ly/Doubs-swims.  I swim Wednesday and Thursday mornings, most of Friday, and Saturday night.  Thanks to Tori for the tracker.